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Louisiana Snap EBT Info Page

Welcome to SNAP EBT information page for the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana SNAP is a federally financed program that provides food assistance to eligible low-income Louisianans.

The Louisiana Combined Application Project (LaCAP) or SNAP are two options for eligible households to receive food assistance.

Benefits are based on the number of people living in the home and the monthly net income that remains after all allowable deductions.

SNAP funds provide for only a portion of most households’ food budgets; they must also use their own income to buy enough food to last the entire month.

Picture of Louisiana Snap EBT Card

Wondering what Louisiana snap card looks like. Below is a sample picture.

Louisiana Snap EBT card

This state EBT program is also known by these names:
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Louisiana Purchase Card

Contact Information

Louisiana Snap Website

The website is http://www.dcfs.la.gov/index.cfm?md=pagebuilder&tmp=home&pid=93

Louisiana Snap Phone Number

The phone number is +888-524-3578

Louisiana Local Office Location

Click Here to view office locations.

EBT Website

The website is https://www.connectebt.com/

Louisiana EBT Phone Number

The phone number is +888-997-1117

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take in Louisiana to receive food stamp approval?

If your application for SNAP is accepted, you will get your benefits within 30 days after the office receives it. You may receive your initial benefits within seven days in some emergency situations.

What does LaCAP mean in Louisiana?

Louisiana Combined Application Project (LaCAP) is a food assistance program for Louisiana individuals at least 60 years old and receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Participants in LaCAP will get $35, $82, or $173, depending on the cost of their shelter. Cases certified by LaCAP are valid for 36 months.

What can you purchase in Louisiana using SNAP?

P-EBT benefits can be used to purchase breads, cereals, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, seeds, and other plant-based products.

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